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Consular legalization means authentication of the documents issued or caused to be issued by the authorities of foreign countries for use in the territory of Georgia. You will not be able to use your documents in Georgia without first getting them legalized.

It is within the competence of the authorities of a foreign country to decide whether the document in question is subject to legalization, Apostille certification or is exempt from any requirement of authentication.

Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines are parties to the Apostille Convention meaning that documents issued in these countries do not need legalization.

In other cases, consular legalization may be provided within 10 working days of an application being filed.

The applicant may receive the service by visiting the Consulate in person or by post.

The Georgian Embassy in Jakarta will legalize only those documents, which have already undergone intrastate legalization procedures in a respective foreign country. In case of Indonesia, it is the legalization by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A list of documents to be submitted:

  • Document to be legalized - original;
  • Document certifying the applicant’s identity (passport or ID card);
  • Service fee payment receipt;
  • In case of applying for legalization by proxy – a proxy form and an ID card of a person acting as proxy.

The applicant may be denied legalization if:

  • Only translation of a document to be legalized is submitted;
  • Documents or acts submitted are not subject to legalization;
  • Document submitted for legalization is not complete;
  • Document submitted for legalization requires translation;
  • Stamp or signature in a document submitted for legalization is either absent or does not conform to the sample preserved in the register;
  • Document or act submitted for legalization is not issued by an authorized body of the consulate in question;
  • Documents required for receiving the service were not submitted.

The service fee for the legalization of each document: 15 US dollars.